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About PMP

Did you know that effective privacy management is about much more than simply complying with laws and regulations? Inspire confidence and trust by handling sensitive information with care. Go above and beyond for your stakeholders to demonstrate your company’s long-term commitment to safe and secure data processing and storage. With a view to the future and further digitization worldwide, now is the time to make privacy management a top priority for your business.

Full-service privacy management

PMP puts your company’s objectives and needs first. As your partner in the development, expansion, or upgrade of a top-quality privacy management system, our experts are always at your service. Our full-service approach covers every stage of the process: from a preliminary inventory and advice, to design, planning, and implementation. 

Our team

Looking for experts on any privacy issue? Our multi-disciplinary team of specialists is at your service.

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Our clients

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Pragmatic and cost-effective

We steer clear of a ‘no can do, rules are rules’ approach. We prefer to focus on developing sustainable and workable solutions within the frameworks of applicable laws and regulations. We use and enhance existing facilities to boost efficiency. If you already have efficient systems in place, we can provide any type of support you may need. The result? A quality boost for your privacy management and significantly lower investments.

Simplicity through innovation

PMP embodies a practical approach. We believe in making privacy management as easy as possible and offer a range of tools to optimize the automation of processes. Our e-learning programs add ease and simplicity to your employee training programs.

Based on our knowledge and your everyday practice, we will develop new products and services to make your business even more successful. Innovation is key to all of our activities.

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