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PMP Academy

Effective privacy management requires knowledge and awareness of opportunities and risks. PMP has a wide range of in-house training courses, e-learning programs, information meetings, publications, and lectures available for you and your employees.

In-house training courses

Increase your knowledge about privacy management and compliance with a PMP training course. Our experienced PMP trainers will visit your offices.

E-learning programs

Looking for a simple yet efficient way to train your employees on the most important privacy principles? Get everyone on board with our e-learning program.

Information meetings

If you are looking for an efficient and accessible way to bring your employees up to speed about the GDPR or other privacy themes, look no further. Let one of our experts host an information session or workshop at your offices.


Interested in organizing a meeting on the subject of privacy and are you looking for speakers with a knack for giving clear explanations on current themes? Our specialists are excellent storytellers.


Are you interested in reading more about the field of privacy management and compliance? Order our books and read our blogs and interviews with our specialists in various professional journals. Read more >