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PrivacyPerfect, management tool for the registration of processed data

How do you make GDPR compliance as quick and easy as possible? Our PrivacyPerfect tool provides direct insight into your processed data and allows stakeholders to see at a glance that you process personal details in a safe and secure manner.

PrivacyPerfect provides a complete overview of your processed information (in accordance with Article 30 of the GDPR), incidents, and risk analyses. With PrivacyPerfect, you have a complete and easy-to-use privacy management tool for your data protection officer (DPO) and your privacy officer (PO).

For optimal use of this tool, PMP provides the following support:

  • Software licenses
  • Structure of your organization’s privacy administration
  • Training and helpdesk for the use of the tool
  • Legal expertise during the implementation process