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Privacy management

A different outlook on privacy

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not as black-and-white as it may appear. Still, when it comes to privacy management, an inflexible ‘no can do, rules are rules’ attitude usually prevails. Unfortunately, this sometimes results in poor decisions with negative consequences or slower and more cumbersome company processes due to unnecessary formalities.

Possible consequences of ‘no can do, rules are rules’

  • Your employees feel limited in their way of working
  • Collaborating with chain partners becomes complex and less effective
  • Although certain measures have been implemented, privacy is insufficiently guaranteed

You can probably imagine that a ‘no can do, rules are rules’ attitude could lead to unpleasant and problematic situations, particularly in sectors where strict data protection and efficient data sharing is vital to daily operations. These sectors include healthcare and government.

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The importance of privacy management and why

Privacy management is much more than a literal implementation of GDPR provisions. Answer the following questions to get to grips with the concept:

  • Which privacy risks does our organization currently face?
  • What do we need to demonstrate our ability to manage these risks?
  • Which solutions are suitable for our business?
  • How do we keep administrative inconvenience to a minimum?
  • How do we create awareness about privacy issues?
  • How do we maintain our privacy management system?

Choose a different outlook on privacy

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