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Privacy checks and privacy audits

Privacy checks and privacy audits

Demonstrable compliance with privacy legislation raises the following questions:

  • Are we processing personal information correctly?
  • Have we taken the right security measures?
  • Is our privacy administration well-organized?

PMP helps companies organize and stay on top of their privacy management.

Demonstrable compliance with privacy legislation

The General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) provides rules for the protection of personal data. All companies and organizations are required to demonstrate their privacy management policy. What does this mean specifically? Technical and organizational measures must be taken prior to and during data processing and for the successful completion of these activities. This is your organization’s responsibility.

Evaluating and managing your privacy management system

How do you demonstrate that your organization meets the requirements resulting from the GDPR and that any necessary measures have been sufficiently and successfully implemented? To ensure effective compliance, your privacy management process must be evaluated and checked. PMP has developed two products to help evaluate GDPR compliance: the privacy check and the privacy audit.

Privacy check

This is a quick content and structure check, to assess the quality of your privacy management system.  Next, you will receive an assessment with an indication of the maturity level of your privacy management system.

Privacy audit

This is a check performed by our registered auditors. Our experts work independently and based on a set framework of standards.  One example is NOREA’s Privacy Control Framework (NOREA is the professional association of IT auditors in the Netherlands). What do you stand to gain from a privacy audit? Assurance about the accuracy and completeness of your privacy management system.

Multi-disciplinary approach

In a substantive assessment of your privacy management system, we use a multidisciplinary approach from the following fields of expertise: law, operations, and tech. Our unique one-stop-shop approach puts us ahead of the competition. Most of our competitors focus only on one field.

Rely on PMP’s privacy checks and privacy audits

Planning your company’s demonstrable compliance with privacy legislation? Start with a PMP privacy audit or check. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.