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Privacy Impact Assessments

Would you like to find out more about the privacy risks associated with your work processes and associated data processing protocols? What do we need to demonstrate our ability to manage these risks in an effective manner and in accordance with the GDPR? These questions guide the implementation of a PIA (Privacy Impact Assessment).

The results of a correctly implemented PIA allow you to take targeted action to protect your stakeholders against any negative effects associated with your data processing methods.

Why a PIA is unavoidable

Article 35 of the GDPR describes which situations require a PIA. The GDPR is all about privacy management, but successful privacy management hinges on knowing your risks. This means a PIA is necessary for every organization. PMP’S specialists can advise you on the type of PIA you need and any other queries related to PIAs.

Advantages of outsourcing PIAs to PMP

  • Customization instead of standard tools and models
  • A team of highly-experienced privacy specialists
  • Focus on workable solutions that fit your business
  • Options for carrying out specific PIA-related tasks yourself
  • You always receive a final report with specific instructions

Problems due to model PIAs and PIA tools

PIAs are essential for GDPR compliance and for effective privacy management. In practice, we often see that performing a PIA is extremely challenging. Many organizations use model PIAs or PIA tools. These methods are expensive and often results in outcomes that do not comply with the legislation. In spite of your investments and best efforts, you will not achieve the required results, and you will end up creating risk.


Article 35 of the GDPR describes the four stages of a PIA. Some situations call for a clear overview and description of the basic principles of any PIA. PMP offers pre-PIAs to make this stage in the process run very smoothly.

Do you want to be sure of sustainable and GDPR-compliant solutions?

Let our PMP specialists perform your PIAs or retain our support services if you are interested in conducting part of the assessment yourself. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.