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As stipulated in Article 37 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), some organizations are required to appoint a data protection officer (DPO). You may want to consider appointing a DPO, even if you are not required to do so by law. In both situations, the GDPR places the same strict requirements on the DPO’s knowledge and skills.


DPO training programs and coaching

Are you looking for an all-round, efficient, and affordable privacy specialist to fill the role of data protection officer?  PMP helps you find the right person for the job and provides a clear overview of the investments required.We coach and train DPO officers and are uniquely equipped to assess the suitability of candidates.

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An external DPO at GDPR-quality level

The GDPR gives you the choice of hiring an in-house DPO officer or using the services of an external professional.

There is one important advantage to an external professional: independence. External DPO officers are generally better capable of conducting independent assessments of your organization and providing expert advice, boosting stakeholder confidence. Good cooperation with the organization is required so your DPO officer is well-informed of the practical situation.


Advantages of an external DPO through PMP

  • Privacy experts with years of supervision experience
  • Compact approach to evaluation and advice
  • Fixed and clear hourly budget in advance
  • Tailored to your business operations and preferences
  • CIPP/E and CIPM certification in accordance with ISO 17024:2012

Have you decided to hire a DPO through PMP? You are guaranteed the services of a trusted privacy specialist. Your external DPO specialist is either a member of our team or a reliable partner.


Suitability assessment for DPO of your choice

Do you have an external DPO in mind? Use our suitability assessment to find out if he or she is the right person with the right expertise for this important role in your organization.